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DVI Extenseur 15 m

DVI Extenseur 15 m - VE066-AT

La marque : ATEN   La référence constructeur : VE066-AT  

mini DVI-D CAT5 extender Black

Référence : 4407492

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DVI extender with audio

DVI extender with audio - VE600A-AT-G

La marque : ATEN   La référence constructeur : VE600A-AT-G  

The VE600A DVI Extender with Audio extends your DVI display up to 60 m away from your DVI source using Cat 5e cables. The use of Cat 5e cables provides a simple and reliable connection method that takes advantage of the wiring system in most modern office buildings. The VE600A incorporates ATEN’s technology that allows the A/V signal to be transmitted over one Cat 5e cable. If the real EDID is required, simply use a second Cat 5e cable. With stereo audio support and support for popular widescreen formats, the VE600A provides crystal-clear image and sound quality in all installations where remote DVI video displays are required.

Référence : 5010606

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